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Selected films

איתי קן תור
the boys form lebanon - from the product

Itai Ken-Tor is a filmmaker, lecturer and film teacher.

Produces and directs documentaries since 1998 after completing his studies with honors in the Department of Cinema and Television at Tel Aviv University.

Films produced and directed by him have been shown at film festivals all over the world and won awards at the most prestigious festivals in Israel, the United States, Canada, China, Poland and many other countries as well as nominations for Emmy and Academy Awards.

His films have been shown on a wide variety of television stations including Channel 2, Channel 8, Yes Docu, Arta, BBC, and other broadcasting stations in the Netherlands, Germany, Italy, Australia, Canada and other places.

In parallel with his work as a filmmaker, Itai teaches and teaches film at Emek Harod High School and at the Open University and lectures to different audiences on a variety of film topics.

Itai was a member of the board of the Academy of Cinema and a member of the board of the Documentary Makers Forum for several years and served as a lecturer at festivals and film funds in Israel. 

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