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Voices from El-Sayed:

Director: Oded Adomi Leshem

Producers: Neomi Schory, Itay Ken-Tor,  Liran Atzmor – Belfilms Ltd.

Documentary | 75/52 min | Israel 2009 | Hebrew&Arabic with English Subtitles.


In the picturesque Israeli Negev desert lays the Bedouin village of El-Sayed.

It has the largest percentage of deaf people in the world. Still, no hearing aids can be seen because in El-Sayed deafness is not a handicap. Through the generations a unique sign language has evolved making it the most popular language in this rare society that accepts deafness as natural as life itself.

The village`s tranquility is interrupted by Salim`s decision to change his deaf son’s fate and make him a hearing person using the Cochlear Implant Operation.

Edited:                  Aya Somech

Cinematography:  Daniel Kedem

Produced for:       The Second Authority for                                             Television &Radio ,


Supported by:      Gesher foundation for Multi-                                       Cultural films.      


Winner - Guggenheim Emerging Artist Award- Full Frame Int. Documentary Festival



SilverDocs International Film Festival, 2009

Rooftop International Film Festival, NY 2009

Full Frame Int. Documentary FF, USA, 2009

One World International Human Rights Film Festival, 2009

Kos International Health Film Festival, Greece 2009

We Care International Film Festival, India 2009

Rochester Deaf International Film Festival, USA 2009

Deaf New Zealand Film Festival, 2009

Transylvania International Film Festival, 2009

Rochester Jewish Film festival, 2009

Significan`t UK, 2009 - special screening

Jerusalem International Film Festival 2008- Special presentation

Rochester JFF, 2009

LA Israeli Film Festival, 2009

One World, Slovakia, 2009

Golden Apricot - Armenia Int. Film festival, 2009

Brazil`s International Disability Film Festival

Chicago Festival of Israeli Cinema, 2009

Other Israel Film festival, NY 2009

Sheffield Docs, UK 2009

International Documentary Encounters Bogogta, Columbia, 2009

Taiwan International Ethnograpghic Film Festival, 2009

Planet in Focus Enviromental FF, Toronto, 2009

Margaret Mead Film Festival, 2009

Document 7 Film Festival, Scotland 2009

Joint screening; Washington Jewish Film festival and Gallaudet University, 2009

Jersey Shore Jewish Film Festival, 2009

Deafest UK, 2009

Watch Docs Poland, 2009

1001 Documentary Istanbul, 2009

Hartford Jewish Film Festival, 2010



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