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The Boy's from Lebanon:

Director: Ohad Ufaz

Producer: Itay Ken-Tor

Documentary | 52 min. | Israel 2008 | Arabic&Hebrew with English subtitles


In May 2000, the South Lebanese Army (SLA) collapsed and its members fled from Hezbollah fighters into Israel, their ally who had abandoned them.

700 families of SLA refugees are living in Israel today. Pierre and Massoud are two sons of an SLA officer who brought his family to Israel when the two were boys.

Pierre aspires to dedicate himself to the Lebanese music he loves, but he is forced to support his family instead. Massoud brings together a group of friends, all sons of former SLA fighters, and starts a basketball team called Erez Naharia (“Cedars of Naharia”).

This is the story of young Lebanese men struggling to build their lives and realize their dreams on the ruins of war in Lebanon and exile in Israel.

DOP:                     Itay Ken-Tor

Editor:                  Ori Ben-Dov,

                             Hadara Oren 

Music Supervisor: Pierre Hanun

Language:            Hebrew&Arabic with English                                          Subtitles.

Produced for:       The Second Authority for Television


Support by:          Makor foundation.


Awards & Festivals:

Docaviv 2008 - Ofifcial competition
Other Israel Film Festival, NY 2008
Israeli Documentary FF, Cape Town 2009 



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