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Director: Yael Gur

Producer: Itay Ken-Tor

Documentary | 88 min. | Israel, 2014 |Hebrew with English subtitles.

Four Russian-Israeli girls meet at a theater workshop.
Through theater skills and a spiral narrative of filmed memory, they free the bonds to their burdensome pasts and choose themselves at present - but must face the obligation of army service.

DOP:                 Yael Gur and principal

Editor:               Yael Gur,

                         Shimrit Ronen,

                         Ori Ben Dov

Music:              Diana Golbi

Sound Design : Ronen Nagel

Produced for:     The Second Authority for Television &Radio

Supported by:     Gesher foundation for Multi-Cultural films.




Award & festivals:

Jerusalem International film Festival 2014

EPUS Festival 2016

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