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Slaves of the Swords- Menahem Begin:

Dirctor: Itay ken-Tor

Producer:   Liran Atzmor and Naomi Schory - Belfilms ITD.

Documentary | 58 minute | Israel 2009 | Hebrew and English with Hebrew English subtitles


Today, when image outweighs ideology, Menahem Begin's integrity, modest life style and commitment to principles, stand out. What was the secret of the man who after losing 8 election campaigns, did the impossible and won the elections of 1977. 

What motivated him to start his term with the historic peace agreement with Egypt,  and to  end it with  confinement at home after  the Lebanese war.


DOP:                Ron Katzenelson

Editing:            Noit Geva

Sound design:  Aviv Aldema

Produced for:   Noga Communication -Channel 8​


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