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Paris Retour:

Directed by:  Yossi Aviram

Produced by: Itay Ken tor, Noemi Schory - Belfilms

Documentary | 72 min | Israel 2009 | French and Hebrew with English subtitles


At 75, the gloomy Reuven is convinced death is near and longs to return home to Israel for his final days, despite the anti-gay attitudes he left behind 50 years earlier.

His partner, Pierluigi, perpetually sunny and ten years younger, resists the idea of pulling up stakes to leave a charmed life in an exquisite rooftop apartment overlooking the Louvre.

Lovingly shot by his nephew, this delicate portrait explores the concept of home. The film captures the poignant nuances of everyday life and a language of love often spoken with gestures rather than words.

DOP:                     Yossi Aviram

Editor:                   Sari Ezouz

Sound designer:    Ronen nagel

Colorist & Online:  Steve Sebban

Coproduced with:  ZDF/ARTE,

                             ERT-Greece,                                                                YesDocu - Israel



Golden Centaur Message to Men Festival , 2010





·         Grenoble International GLBT Film Festival, France 2011

·         Massage to Men International Film Festival, Russia 2010

·         Torino GLBT International Film Festival, Italy 2010

·         Seattle International Film Festival, 2010

·         Copenhagen GLBT Int'l Film Festival, Denmark 2010

·         Boston Jewish Film Festival, USA 2010

·         Atlanta Jewish Film Festival, USA 2010

·         Jerusalem International Film Festival , Israel, 2009



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