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Open Eye - Open I:

Director: Ohad Ufaz, Shirley Barenholz

Producers: Itay Ken-Tor

Documentary | 59 min | Israel 2007


Shirley, a Dutch-Israeli photojournalist, was always protected behind her camera while exploring other people`s emotions. Yet her own father, a Holocaust survivor, never shared his own story with her.

She embarks on an artistic journey with four Israeli female artists; one of them is Kineret, woh survived a suicide-attack.

On the opening night of a joint exhibition in Berlin, Shirley`s father meets Kinneret and opens up.

Shirley photographs and cries.

Script:                      Shirley Barenholz

                                Ohad Ufaz
Film editor:              Hadas Lazra

Cinematography:     Ohad Ufaz,

                                Shirley Barenholz,

                                Itay Ken-torOriginal

Editor:                      Hadas Lazra

Original Score:         Sharon Moldavi

Produced for:          Joodse Omroep,

                               Holland - Annet Betsalel ZDF                                      Vision,

                               Germany - Dr. Simone Emmelius
Co-produced with:  Annet Betsalel,

                               Joodse Omroep,

Sponsors:                ZDF,

                              Joodse Omroep



Awards & Festivals:

Toronto Jewish Film Festival, 2007



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