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Jerusalem cuts:

Director: Liran Atzmor

Producers:  Itay Ken-Tor, Noemi Schory, Belfilms Ltd.

Documentary | 52 min. | Israel 2008 | Hebrew, English, Arabic with English subtitles.


A father bequeaths to his son images of war. But what happens when the pictures are plundered and disappear for 40 years? The film is the search for lost Palestinian photographs of the battle for Jerusalem in 1948.

The Journey begins by looking at the photographs of a LIFE Magazine photographer, John Philips, whose combat photographs were published at the end of the battle.
Five years later, Jack Padwa started production of the first big feature in Israel, "Hill 24 Does not Answer", inspired by the same battle. Today, 60 years after the battle for Jerusalem, rare photographs of the battle, by the first Muslim Palestinian photographer, Ali Zaarour, are discovered.

DOP:               Ron Katzenelson

Editor:             Haim Tabakman

Sound Design: Tully Chen

Produced for:  Channel 8,





Award & festivals:
Docaviv  2008.
Vision du real  2008


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