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God Forbid:

Directors: Ron Ofer , Dr. Yohay Hakak.

Producers: Itay Ken –Tor, Liran Atzmor,  Noemi Schory –Belfilms Ltd.

Documentary | 90 min. | Israel 2011 | Hebrew, Yiddish,  English with English Subtitles.


800, 000 Ultra Orthodox Jews (Hardeim) in Israel, who live in segregated communities, zealously guard the gates from the influences of western culture.

Six characters, influential community leaders, are torn between segregating ancient traditions and accepting only selectively the changes. This is a rare glimpse into an isolated and unique world.

The feature length documentary is based on the award wining Israeli trilogy "Shot in a Weekday".

DOP:                  Ron Katzenelson

Editor:                Alona Schory

Sound designer: Sharon Shama     
                           Ronit Kertsner
Produced for:      Arte, SWR
Supported by:      Gesher foundation for Multi-Cultural

                            films,  Avichai foundation.


Awards & festival:

The film was nominated for the Grimme award, Germany.


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